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Communiqués from Top Command

“The School of the Generals is for such a time as this. We are in a battle and it is so important to know how to fight and understand enemy tactics. Thank you, Danny for stepping out and teaching us how to fight. Awesome teaching”

Doris Marciski, President, Aglow International
Kelowna Chapter, Kelowna, BC


“Danny Richardson has come and shared his vast knowledge of Spiritual Warfare with our congregation several times over the last year, also teaching a conference on Spiritual Warfare. This has been such a blessing to our body of believers. It has helped us to pray with purpose for our community and the Body of Christ as a whole. He is leading the battle cry for prayer in this unprecedented time of Spiritual Warfare for the Body of Christ.”

Mark LaFontaine, Senior Pastor
Lake Country Christian Center, Lake Country, B.C., Canada


“His teaching on Spiritual Warfare is biblically based and practical. He brings a background in military tactics and history which give him a unique insight into how to battle against principalities and powers in the heavenly realms. He is one of the most encouraging people I know and I count it a privilege to have Danny as one of my personal prayer partners.”

Rev. Will Sohnchen, Senior Pastor
Evangel Church, Kelowna, B.C., Canada


“You bring so clear the importance of Warfare that we need to engage in it if we want to walk a victorious Christian walk…..I believe that your ministry needs to be shared with as many churches as possible. Because of your ministry many of our congregation, who did not believe in Spiritual Warfare are now engaged in it and it has changed the flavor of our church.”

Rev. Gary and Jean Payne, Pastors
New Life Assembly, Valemount, B.C., Canada


“Danny Richardson is a man of good with insight unto “Spiritual Warfare” that is both instructional and enlightening. You will be challenged, encouraged, and motivated by his ministry”

Gerald Patterson, Senior Pastor
Family Worship center, Irving, Texas


“I highly recommend Danny Richardson. He is a man of God who is passionate about His Lord, his faith, and sharing what God has put on his heart. He is a wonderful and eloquent speaker that always challenges and inspires. He has a lot to share from the unique perspective of his military career, and yet brings it down to such a practical and encouraging message.”

Ted Bonk, Pastor, Rutland Gospel Tabernacle
Kelowna, B.C., Canada


“We had a very inspiring ministry with Danny Richardson teaching on Spiritual Warfare. I highly recommend & endorse his ministry”

Rev Maynard Beatty, Pastor of Seniors, Living Waters Fellowship
Black Creek, Vancouver Island, BC


“You presented vital information in a timely and practical way that will reap eternal benefits. We are encouraging other pastors to invite you to hold a seminar for their people”

Pastor Randy Beatty, Living Waters Fellowship
Black Creek, Vancouver Island, BC


“His military background creates a visual that is easily translated into the arena of spiritual warfare. With excellent teaching, easy to understand points and clear presentation I would recommend that all Christians avail themselves to his teachings”

Evangelist Tony and Barbara Price


“Thank you so much for this timely, practical and powerful teaching on Spiritual Warfare. Eternity will reveal the effects of your faithful and encouraging service to the Lord and the Body of Christ”

Ursula Jakubeit, Provincial Director, Aglow Intl. Canada


“After your School of the Generals seminar I went home desiring to take another look at the teaching material on the Rules of Engagement you presented.”

Madeleine Cook, Aglow Lighthouse President, Salmon Arm, BC


“His teachings are scripturally based and very timely for this day and hour.  He puts things in the proper perspective and order.”

Cathy Wilde, President, Aglow International, Vernon Lighthouse, Vernon, BC


Reports From The Trenches

“I can now open blind eyes, unstop deaf ears and bring to life the dead (spiritually speaking) in the name of the Lord, in a way similar to how David killed Goliath”.

Shayla Dubilowski


“Using the terms of Bible times in combination with known modern military tactics lends a fresh approach to this war of the ages. Very encouraging, engaging, and empowering”.

Marilyn Dawson


“Danny’s seminar gives insight into strategies and tactics used in warfare and is a must hear for those in spiritual warfare. Only when we understand these things will we begin outmaneuvering the enemy and start winning this war”.

Clyde Blyth


“The seminar was “meaty” and full of faith-building principles. I found the natural military strategies combined with an analogy of Biblical battles fascinating! Danny’s teachings brought a fresh perspective of mature, practical revelation for equipping God’s warriors for the end time battles”.

Shellie Strugnell


“I was truly reenergized to know how important this offensive weapon of speaking out the Word repeatedly is and how extremely powerful it is”.

Marie Reggin


“I enjoyed Danny’s teaching. If we all learned how to fight spiritually on land and in the air, we would have a greater excitement for life. There is a thrill in a good fight when you know are on the winning side.”

Julie Lindstrom


“The military perspective that Danny brings to the forefront helped me to envision the reality of my prayer effectiveness in the spiritual battlefield of life. A direct and focused offensive tool.”

Graham Chambers


“Danny has been gifted with a unique perspective that is solidly rooted in scripture and not just the spiritual war that is raging all around us at every moment but into the tactics that Christians can use to combat and overcome in this ever present battle”

Leo Myles


“He incorporates lively personal and biblical stories into his teachings to captivate and inspire his audience to grow in faith and meaningful service to our Great Commander, Jesus Christ.”

Kathleen Janz


“How blessed we are to have in our midst, a seasoned warrior as you are, who not only has the words of truth and life but bears the scars of vigilance and diligence from the battlefield of life”

Linda Sulyma


“Your seminar was incredible! I’ve never heard teaching like yours! It makes so much sense of the battles we read about in the Old Testament. Your teachings made them come alive.”

Judy Doyle


“I got seriously blasted by the Word of God! Danny teaches Christian warfare concepts from verse after verse after verse. And it was exciting.”

Will Taylor


“Even though I have been in and done spiritual warfare in deliverance for a number of years, there were things in Danny Richardson’s teaching that I wasn’t aware of. It gave me greater insight on how the powers of darkness operate.”

Esther Shortt


“Your seminar was so enlightening. The R.O.E., Rules of Engagement, was also another eye opener. You are a gifted teacher and led by the Spirit.”

Bev Bernadetto


“Danny was able to shed light on God’s battle plan for us, to show us how to fight for our loved ones, and how to be victorious in our day to day living. My prayer life has changed!”

Jan Brothen


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