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The King David Warfare Center

The Virtual Resource and Arming Center for Teaching Tactical Principles of Spiritual Warfare

President John F. Kennedy envisioned an elite force of highly skilled and highly mobile warriors who could deploy rapidly to conflict zones anywhere on the globe. They would be trained in the latest warfare techniques and technologies enabling them to resolve the challenges of the ever changing face of battle in the modern world. From an executive order this force was born and developed into one of the world’s finest battle groups solving combat issues on behalf of the United States. This group became known as the Special Forces of the US Army and we call them by their distinctive headgear: the Green Berets. Their home is at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and their methods are taught at the JFK Warfare Center.

Israel’s greatest King was also its greatest warrior. Who would know more about conflict than the man who eliminated a giant with a slingshot? There was never a more knowledgeable person in the art and science of war than David. Single-handedly he forged a nation of tribal armies into a unified battle-force and establish a secure home where the history of Salvation could unfold. From his loins came Eternity’s Greatest General, Jesus Christ, the Son of David, who conquered the dark forces in the strategic assault on a skull shaped hill and won forever the Redemption of humanity’s soul. It is in honor of King David for whom this Spiritual Warfare site is named.

The King David Warfare Center is dedicated to one objective. Arm and train God’s Spiritual Army of believers to take the battle to the enemy and take back Earth. Our purpose is to provide effective teachings based upon Biblical foundations and Tactical principles drawn from the wars and conflicts of the Bible. We offer these products and programs so that you may learn to reign in the spiritual battlespace.


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